Wing Arms

Primitive, but not hideously ugly, this is essentially an arcade dogfighter – it may not look the business, but it’s a fair bit of fun. The missions are diverse as well, the first one has you shooting down x amount of fighter planes.. not overly difficult, and just as you start to get totally bored, you’ve destroyed them all. The following mission involves you attacking an enemy base. The controls are incredibly simple – non guided rockets (ie useless), machine guns and stereotypical flight controls. You’ve got the option of cockpit view or from behind the plane, and if enemy planes get too tight on your six (ooer), the view changes to third person automatically for evasion. Have I mentioned the hilariously badly animated captain of the fleet at the start of the game who gives you mission orders during the game? Worth a go if cheap.

Bonus: A rather awesome Japanese commercial for "Wing Arms"

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