I always loved the Dune universe … the first three books were genius, and the other three weren't overly annoying (let's not even mention the novels that came out after Frank Herbert's death). One of my favourite directors, David Lynch, nearly tanked his burgeoning career making a flawed masterpiece adaptation of the first novel into a movie, and… well, here's a licensed game based on it. A port of a PC game by French company Cryo, this is a sort of strategy and adventure hybrid. You start off, as the movie starts off, just arriving on Arrakis, and you control Paul Atriedes. Walking between locations in the palace, interacting with various people including the Duke (your father), Duncan Idaho, Gurney Halleck and your mother, the Lady Jessica. The characters give you various tasks to perform - find Gurney, recruit the Fremen, get stillsuits, etc - and you can use an ornithopter to fly out onto a map from sietch (cave) to sietch, and also explore to find new locations. As you talk to the Fremen and complete more tasks, the world opens up more. The ultimate goal of the game is to fight off the Harkonnen and take your rightful place.

Those of you who've played Dune 2 (Dune: Building of a Dynasty, I believe the Genesis cart is called) will probably not be as impressed, considering Dune 2 was the basis for the ever popular real time strategy Command and Conquer series, but Dune itself definitely is worthy of checking out, at least for a few hours here and there.

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