Need for Speed: Carbon

Urgh. I was pleasantly surprised by this on Christmas morning, as I wasn't expecting to get it - but that pleasantness didn't last as far as trying the game itself. Perhaps I'm being overly harsh, but the in game graphics don't really look very much better than the Xbox version (note I didn't say Xbox 360 version). The cut scenes look amazing, but who cares?

The game play itself wasn't fun, but I'm definitely not being fair here. It takes a fair bit of getting used to using the Wiimote on its side as a steering device, and I didn't put in enough time to get there. Also, to be fair, the game includes five different control interfaces, which is pretty thorough, so if I experimented with one of those, I might get happier.

Carbon is yet more of the rice boy fantasy crap that EA's been pumping out lately. The advance in this one is wingmen - other cars in the races that're on your side. You can direct them to scout out shortcuts or ram competitors off the road. Big whoop, really. This might end up being the best racing game available on Wii at the moment, but only because the competitors are GT Series Pro and Monster Trucks, neither of which are getting anywhere close to decent reviews in the media. Excite Truck is supposed to be the dog's bollocks, but it's not out here in Australia until February.

I'd be able to tell you first hand what GT Series Pro is like, as it was the preorder bonus for placing my preorder at a particular department store here, but the utter, utter, utter, utter bastards still haven't had any stock in yet. The system launched December 7th here, and I still don't have the game. Not that I'm bitter.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Originally written January 2007 - I ended up getting Rayman Raving Rabbids as my preorder bonus, trading in NFS Carbon towards NiGHTS for the Wii, and as for GT Series Pro, it shall remain a mystery for now.

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