Red Steel

Good, old fashioned fun. A lot of the press, and a few people I know, have been deriding this game. Not enough innovation, bad AI, bad graphics, poor cut scenes, their mothers dressed the developers funny, etc, etc, but I've found myself playing this game the most of all of the games I have so far. It's, dare I say it, a lot of fun. The control interface works really well, the cheesy lines are amusing - how can you not love a game where they yell "you'll regret that!" and "murderer!" at you while simultaneously trying to machine gun you to death? - and the addition of sword fighting to the standard FPS hi-jinks really make it a great experience. Sure the Wii controls are a "gimmick" and a "novelty", but they're also really solid and easy to use. The sword fighting isn't really hugely accurate and detailed, it's more of a swing-wildly-and-see-how-you-go type affair, which admittedly gets more involved as you progress, but that fits in perfectly with the nature of the mow 'em down game play for the shooty bits. I'm not sure if it's worth full tilt retail, and I doubt it'll end up in the pantheon of Great Wii Releases Of All Time, but I find it hard to believe that anyone who likes a console FPS without being overly anal about it would have anything but a good time playing it. Hell, even if you hate the game, the awful accents and cheese ball script will have you in stitches, gaijin sucka!

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