The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Yeah, it's brilliant, go buy it. I could say anything I liked here about the game and a huge percentage of you would buy it with the system. I did, and I didn't even care all that much about most previous Zelda games. Wind Waker on GC? Bored me. OK, the real reason I bought Zelda with it is because Call of Duty 3 was already sold out, but let's not tell any Zelda fans that.

Let's see: looks gorgeous, plays pretty well, has fishing in it, and .. err.. yeah, go buy it. You know you want to. Have I mentioned I'm jealous of the crazy Americans getting a hardback edition of the guidebook? All we got here is a (ridiculously overpriced) standard paperback thing. Am I the only one put off by guides being $AUS30+ here when the whole game is maybe $AUS80-90? To put that into perspective, a can of Coke is around $AUS1.50, a Big Mac meal is around $AUS7 and carnal relations with your mother are around $AUS20.

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