Jade Empire
Hackneyed stereotyped Asian characters? Pshaw.

This is great, very engaging, excellent presentation, mostly great graphics (the occasional cut scene has some overly fake looking facial models, I noticed) and an easy to get to grips with control interface. It's a third person action RPG created by the same people as Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (ie BioWare), but has an ancient Chinese styled setting.. it's a martial arts RPG, kids.

You can choose from multiple fighting styles, train up in certain areas, pick different character classes, etc, the usual routine. It got my interest, which is more than a lot of games nowadays. The limited edition version has a second disc with a G4 Making Of special, an extra character class you can unlock for the main game, and a couple extra demos of such hot up-and-coming titles as Mech Assault 2.. oh, and the cover's sexier.

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